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Home Repair

Home Repair

Emergency Repair Grant

Emergency Repair Grant- Up to $5,000 available for emergency home repair needs


Emergency Repair Grant:

Receive up to $5,000 for emergency home repairs

The Emergency Repair Program provides assistance to low and extremely low-income homeowners to make essential repairs or add structural accessibility modifications when owner-occupant lacks sufficient resources of their own.

Who is Eligible?

As a homeowner, you may be eligible for assistance under this program, if you meet all the following conditions:

  • Home is a single-family dwelling unit located in the city limits of Carrollton, Texas
  • Carrollton resident owns and occupies property as principal residence on a year-round basis for at least the past year with no intention to market, rent or sell the property
  • If the residence is a mobile home, resident must have owned and lived in the mobile home for not less than one year and the mobile home has been located in the city limits of Carrollton for not less than one year. The mobile home must be stationary with skirting or on a cement slab. Owner must provide proof of these requirements. A mobile home is not eligible if it can be hooked on to and moved quickly.
  • The home requires an urgent repair, which if left unattended, would jeopardize the health and/or safety of the occupants; or, your structure requires necessary modification(s) to make structure accessible to meet a medical or physical disability.
  • Household income cannot exceed 80 percent of the Area Median Income Limits, adjusted for family size.
  • Owners total assets (excluding home) do not exceed $35,000 and liquid assets do not exceed
    $10,000 (For the purpose of this program, liquid assets include available cash, checking and savings accounts, stocks, bonds and other assets that can be easily accessed without penalty.)
  • There must not be delinquency on any property taxes, school taxes to any taxing entity in Dallas or Denton County. This applies only to applications for a repair subsequent to the first one, and does not include accounts where payment arrangements are up to date, and must provide proof of arrangement.

To view all program details and guidelines, click here.

For assistance in applying, please contact the Community Development office at 972-466-9121 or email communitydevelopment@cityofcarrollton.com


People Helping People: Grants up to $5,000 are available to homeowners for minor repairs to home exteriors.


People Helping People Program: The People Helping People Program is to provide assistance to low-to-moderate income homeowners to make essential repairs when owner-occupant lacks sufficient resources of their own. All work that is completed is done by volunteers in the community. While the City of Carrollton cannot assume all maintenance, duties associated with owning a home on a regular basis for its citizens, a citizen who qualifies for the People Helping People Program and can demonstrate a need for a project eligible under the People Helping People Program, such services may be rendered. The citizen must be able to demonstrate a need for assistance and each request will be considered on a case by case basis. If applicant qualifies for the program they can receive up to a $5,000 grant for repairs.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the People Helping People program, you must meet all of these qualifications:

  • Resident of the City of Carrollton
  • Own and live in the house to receive assistance
  • Must income qualify; must meet HUD guidelines
  • Must be current on all city financial obligations

Prioritizing: In reviewing People Helping People applications, the City of Carrollton reserves the right to give priority to the following groups (no order implied):

  • Elderly (at least 62 years old) and/or disabled citizens
  • Residents whose incomes fall within the extremely low and very low-income levels
  • Residents who live in current, completed and future CDBG target areas and N.O.T.I.C.E. neighborhoods
  • Those citizens that have received notices of violation from a City of Carrollton Code Officer
  • Citizens requesting project assistance that will improve the safety of their property

Once an applicant is determined eligible for a project, a city representative will meet (in person) with the applicant to determine what volunteer work will be eligible under the People Helping People guidelines.

 Eligible Projects

  • Painting of a house
  • Minor siding repair
  • Minor exterior work on houses

Ineligible Projects

  • Repairs that are only cosmetic in nature are not eligible. NOTE: Cosmetic repairs may be carried out under the program in small areas only when they are necessary to make the immediate area, where another repair is completed.

For assistance in applying, please contact the Community Development office at 972-466-9121 or email at  communitydevelopment@cityofcarrollton.com

Mail: communitydevelopment@cityofcarrollton.com

People Helping People Program


​Since 1985, the People Helping People Program (PHP) has been assisting 62+ years of age or disabled homeowners with minor exterior home repairs. Repairs include replacing rotted wood, scraping and painting, rebuilding/replacing steps, handrails, porches, demolishing small structures and removing open storage from yards.

Contact Information

City of Dallas​
People Helping People
1500 Marilla Street,  Room 6CN
Dallas, Texas 75215Manager
Patrick Jackson

How to qualify?

  • Be 62+ years of age or disabled as defined by Social Security or Veterans Administration (No age limitation in Neighborhood Investment Program-N.I.P. areas)
  • Own and occupy home for more than two years
  • Live within the city limits of Dallas
  • Meet low-income guidelines: at or below 50% of the area median income citywide (at or below 80% of the area median income in N.I.P. areas)
  • No delinquent taxes or must have a deferral for payment in place or are current on payment plan for payment of delinquent taxes
  • Provide copies of required documents for proof of ownership, income, and identification

All services are provided at NO COST to the homeowner and no liens are attached to the property. The PHP program is funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

How the process works:

An application is completed by the homeowner either by phone or mailed in to the PHP office. The application is then processed and assigned to a coordinator, who will contact the homeowner to schedule an initial home visit. Once the home visit is conducted, all the required documents are received and it is determined that homeowner qualifies for the program, an inspection will be completed by an inspector to determine if the home is appropriate for PHP volunteer assistance. If the home is deemed appropriate for PHP volunteer services, there is a waiting process. The average wait for assistance varies.

People Helping People Program Application (Adobe PDF)
How to Complete this Application (Adobe PDF)