Computer Skills

Computer Skills

Computer Skills

Skillful Senior

is a website that aims to help seniors improve their computer skills. It is the perfect place for seniors to learn the skills they need. Email your grandchildren, get medical information on the Internet- you CAN do it all! Get started now!

Type Racer:

This website allows you to practice your typing skills. You can race against other people to test your typing skills. It’s fun and a great website if you like a little bit of competition. Click here to enter a typing race now!

This website allows you to improve basic computer skills and is great for beginners.

If you are looking for basic computer skills or to upgrade computer skills you already have, review our free Basic Computer Skills tutorial. For an overview of what’s included in this tutorial, view this video.


Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and we rely more and more on computers for everything from cooking to organizing our taxes.  An understanding of computer basics is invaluable, and Alison provides free, online courses to help you get started. Click here to be taken directly to the website.

Introductory material includes Microsoft Digital Literacy courses, which cover basics like keyboard and mouse use, security and privacy, and the internet.

Other course offerings include specialties in Microsoft Access 2010, Microsoft Office 2010, and touch typing.

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