Credit Report

Credit Report

Credit Report

The Bureau

We aim to make consumer financial markets work for consumers, responsible providers, and the economy as a whole. We protect consumers from unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices and take action against companies that break the law. We arm people with the information, steps, and tools that they need to make smart financial decisions.

In a market that works, the prices, risks, and terms of the deal are clear upfront so that consumers can understand their options and comparison shop. Companies all play by the same consumer protection rules and compete fairly on providing quality and service. To achieve this vision, the CFPB works to:


We create tools, answer common questions, and provide tips that help consumers navigate their financial choices and shop for the deal that works best for them.


We take action against predatory companies and practices that violate the law and have already returned billions of dollars to harmed consumers.


We encourage financial education and capability from childhood through retirement, publish research, and educate financial companies about their responsibilities.

Our core functions

The CFPB was created to provide a single point of accountability for enforcing federal consumer financial laws and protecting consumers in the financial marketplace. Before, that responsibility was divided among several agencies. Today, it’s our primary focus.

Our work includes:

  • Rooting out unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices by writing rules, supervising companies, and enforcing the law
  • Enforcing laws that outlaw discrimination in consumer finance
  • Taking consumer complaints
  • Enhancing financial education
  • Researching the consumer experience of using financial products
  • Monitoring financial markets for new risks to consumers

Financial Education

Help on the Path to Self Sufficiency

In addition to addressing immediate crisis situations, Case Managers at Metrocrest Services are certificated financial coaches who work with individuals to identify areas of financial education needed to ensure stability over a longer term.

Individuals receiving aid, such as rent or utility bill assistance, also receive help from their Case Manager to:

  • complete and maintain a household budget
  • develop financial goals
  • understand the importance of credit reports and scores

Those receiving aid are required to complete the Working Family Success overview video and a self-paced online financial education program in our Computer Lab.

Case Managers stay in contact with clients to answer questions, monitor progress and provide guidance toward achievement of financial goals.

Call 972-446-2100 for details or to request an appointment.

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